Threefold Defensive Training Courses

Concealed Handgun Permit Course


Looking for a class to meet the qualifications for your Concealed Handgun Permit here in Colorado, but don't want to break the bank to do it? Look no further. Our class meets the requirements for all Colorado counties, including Denver and Boulder counties. We cover topics including types of pistols, safe handling, marksmanship building, and drawing from a concealed holster. As this is a qualifying CHP class, we provide information on the laws regarding carrying concealed, use of force, and methods of carry . Most importantly, we try to show the proper attitude for the responsible CHP holder. Training will be held in classroom and at the range. Pricing includes materials (targets, booklet, completion certificate). Please bring range safety gear (eyes/ears protection), firearm, spare magazine (if you have one) ammunition (at least 100 cartridges needed), carry holster, belt, hat. Basic firearms experience preferred. This is course is about 6 - 8 hours long.

Price: $99.00   

Civilian Safety Awareness Program (CSAP)


Unfortunately, we cannot always go armed into some environments. This 3 hour Civilian Safety Awareness Program developed by Sabre Defense Technologies will teach you how to identify and avoid dangerous encounters, and discourage attackers. However,  all dangerous encounters cannot be avoided, so the CSAP will also teach you how to use verbal commands and simple self defense techniques. It will also teach you to effectively and responsibly deploy Sabre pepper spray products, then escape an attacker. You will become proficient and accurate with your Sabre pepper by deploying water filled practice sprays at static targets as well as deploying the practice spray during a simulated attack with a live role player. Included with this class is one Sabre Defense Spray with a Quick Release King Ring, and a certificate of completion. 

Price: $75.00  ​​

Individual Private Training


 Want to work on skills you may be needing improvement on? We can do that with our staff. We will get you out on the line, go through a few skills tests to see where you may need improvement. And work on what you getting you performing better using metrics based methods. Price does not include the range fee for which ever range we decide on. You provide your own range safety gear (eye/ears protection), firearm, holster, belt, hat, and ammunition (200 cartridges minimum, more is always nice). 

Price:  $50 per 2 hour session. $25 per hour over initial two.

Introduction to the AR Rifle Platform


One of the most popular sporting rifles, the AR platform has had a lot of press lately. Good or bad, this means that there a lot of them out there. Have you just purchased your first AR-15 style rifle? Been awhile since you have run the basics with one? This is the class you want. We will teach you everything you need to know about your new rifle. Frome sighting it in, to malfunctions, and cleaning. This is a great class to  get you running your rifle correctly. Taught by real world users of this iconic rifle, get to know your AR before you learn the "High Speed" stuff. Most importantly, we try to show the proper attitude for the responsible  ownership and use. Training will be held at the range.  Pricing includes targets, and range fee. Please bring range safety gear  (eyes/ears protection), firearm, spare magazine (if you have one)  ammunition (at least 100 cartridges needed). No firearms experience  needed. This is course is about 4-6 hours long.  

Price: $75.00



Using Simuntion Training Guns and UTM non-lethal marking cartridges this course will allow you work through the decision making process required in a lethal force encounter with live role players. This course will have you in real life situations where you will have to de-escalate or escalate force in real  time with the possibility of a pain penalty. We have all the equipment  necessary to allow you to experience the reality of a force on force encounter safely. All you need is a good mindset, and a few layers of clothing you don't mind getting dirty.               

Price: $150.00  

Youth Firearms Safety Class


Do you have firearms in your home? Do any of the parents of your children's friends? Relatives? Are your kids interested in firearms? This class is set up so that your under 18 youth will learn what to do if they encounter a firearm whether at home or abroad. Based off of the renowned NRA Eddie Eagle safety program we cover what to do and how to deal firearms in a safe manner. From identifying different handguns, rifles and shotguns to safely handling and shooting them. Fun and safe. Parents are welcome stay and watch (possibly participate) for free. All equipment provided. Taught by parents who are certified NRA Training Counselors and Instructors. Certificate awarded at completion.

Price:  $45.00 

NRA Approved Training Courses

NRA Basic Of Pistol Course ( 3 Variants)

Lecture during Basics of Pistol course

The NRA Basics of Pistol Class is a great way to be introduced to the handgun. Starting from scratch each portion covers everything from cartridges, types of pistols, safe handling, care and cleaning, to basic marksmanship. Choosing the Instructor Led option gets you in class with an instructor for this comprehensive 8 hour course. Some of us just don't have 8 hours in day to devote to learning about the firearm known as the Pistol. The NRA has come up with an online learning course to allow you become more knowledgeable regarding pistols on your own time frame. The Online Basics of Pistol Class is a great foundation, but as Colorado does not recognize any online classes as a qualifying Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit class. So if you have taken the Online Basics of Pistol course, or wish too, you must complete a Blended ILT (Instructor Led Training) with an in person instructor so that they can attest to your proficiency in handling a pistol. After completing the instructor led portion, your training in now recognized by every county in Colorado as valid for obtaining your CHP. If you sign up for your online course through us we can ease the transition into the live class not only will it save you $20, but we can assist you with any questions you may want to ask during your online study. All the convenience of online study , but with the added value of a private instructor.  And when you are ready to attend the Blended ILT we will already have your information and course code set up in the system. No experience needed. Contact us today so we can assign you your course code, and you can begin your online training.

Online Course Fee : $40

Blended ILT Fee: $60

ILT Fee: $99

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar


 The single most important step toward ensuring your own safety is having a personal safety strategy in place before you need it. NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim® program teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid becoming a victim. Seminars are held across the nation and are open to men and women of all ages. Today, hundreds of federal, state and local law enforcement officials from across the nation utilize this popular program in their crime prevention and community policing initiatives. Corporations, educational institutions and community centers have also adopted the program. All told, more than 100,000 people have benefited from these seminars. 

Call to talk to us about setting a seminar up for your community. 

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

Robert and Megan working on her pistol skills

Home/Personal Defense is one of the leading reasons people are choosing to own a firearm. This class was developed to assist handgun owners with just that. During this 8 hour course you will be taught basic home and personal defensive shooting skills, tactics for home defense, and what to do during a violent encounter. While this is an NRA Basic course participants must be able to provide proof of minimal firearms training.  

Range fee is included in this course.

Price: $150.00 

NRA Defensive Pistol

Robert working with Issac on pistolcraft

The NRA Defensive Pistol course is a great way to learn how to use your defensive handgun in a wide variety of situations. From the ethics of carrying a firearm to usage on the range. The NRA created this course for those of us that have decided to carry a gun to defend ourselves responsibly. This is not a class for the highly advanced shooter alone,  but some experience is needed. The length of class is 10 hours, and is  completed over 2 days at the range (if needed). Range time will be at a private range, and is by invitation only. Please contact us for your class as we will need to register it with the NRA to obtain the  Certificate and other materials needed. Ammunition for this course is no less than 200 rounds as we will be shooting all day.   

Price: $150.00   

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

Some advanced skills training with Terrence

This class was developed to assist handgun owners with obtaining the skills needed to use force while moving about in our daily lives. Topics will include a use of force lecture presented by an Subject Matter Expert, engaging multiple opponents, drawing from an off body holster, and much more. During this 8 hour a day, 2 day course you will be taught personal defensive shooting skills that go beyond the NRA Basic firearms courses. This is not a NRA Basic course and participants must be able to provide proof of completion for the Personal Protection in the Home Course, or equivalent. As this course is so in depth there will be a minimum class size of 5, and a maximum of 10. If you are interested in attending this course please email us so that we can begin setting up a date. 

Students will be required to bring their own handgun, holster, spare magazine, and belt.  You will need a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun. Threefold will have eye and ear protection available. 

The range fee is included in this course. 

Price: $225.00 

Instructor Level Training Courses


Do you love teaching people about firearms? Have you ever considered becoming an NRA Certified Instructor? Take a look at our course offerings. We can help mentor you through the process. Contact us for upcoming training events. 

Certified Pistol Instructor Course

Personal Protection Instructor Courses

(Inside the Home, Outside the Home)

Additional Courses

Your Home Tactics/security Assessment

Robert demonstrating moving around a home enviroment

This class is unique in the industry as it was designed to be taught  in your home. We will go over your homes practical defensibility and tactics to you can use in real life immediately after the class. We will  go over any security issues we may find and how to remedy them. There are no live firearms used in the class, but we will go over some hands on techniques to bring your skills up. As well as help you identify any potential security issues in and around your home.

Price: $50.00 for the first two hours, $25.00 an hour after that (if needed).

NRA Range Safety Officer


Ever felt unsafe at a shooting range? Do you feel like you would like to know what goes into making a safe range? Here at Threefold we believe that the shooting sports require a safe environment and would love to pass that attitude on to you! Contact us to setup a course. 

U.S. Lawshield Gun Law seminar

U.S. Law Shield Logo

Attend a seminar hosted by us here at Threefold Defensive Training, presented by U.S. Law Shield. Understand the rules of Use of Force taught by experienced law enforcement officers, and the repercussions according to the law presented by a attorney. The seminars will be scheduled at various times throughout the year, so sign up for our newsletter to be advised of any upcoming events. Feel free to contact us for more  information, or for upcoming events. 

Coming Soon...

Robert Working with an AR-15

CCW/EDC First Aid

Beyond The Basics: Carbine

Defensive Shotgun

Coming Soon... someday?

3FDT Family at Denver Comic Con 2016 dressed as Star Wars characters

Padawan Training

Avoiding The Dark Side

Marrying a Warrior Princess

Beyond the Basics: Lightsaber


Firearm Transfer/Background Check

As most of us know by now, here in  Colorado since 2013, you must complete all firearm purchases through a licensed Federal Dealer (FFL). After 4 years of requests from students we at Threefold have decided to assist in this way. We are now able to accept your online firearms purchases and perform this legally required step in your new acquisition. Or if you have chosen to purchase locally from a private party we can assist with that as well. We are registered with some of the most popular online retailers (see our list under Recommendations), or you can contact us with the dealer you have picked and we can take delivery of your item from them, and arrange a time to complete the paperwork as soon as  possible. 

Cost: $30 for the first firearm, and $10 each additional firearm transferred the same day.

(Firearms transferred or picked up on separate days will be charged at the $30 rate.

Gift Certificate

Know  someone looking to for firearms training, or improve the skills they  already have? How about someone that wants to obtain their CHP here in  Colorado? Give a gift that will be remembered. Please  include the name of the recipient and the address to mail it to in the  notes field during check out. Certificates will be mailed upon receiving  payment. Valid on all courses. Cost is per class certificate.  

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


classes coming soon:

Tactical communications 

NRA Basic Rifle

NRA BASIC Shotgun  

CCW First aid