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Active Self Protection

Active Self Protection and Threefold Defensive Training at a class together.

John is one the best instructors I have had a chance to work with. He hosts a YouTube channel with the sole purpose of passing on defensive knowledge to the public that may just save your life. Check him out and subscribe to his channel to Cover Your ASP. 

High Altitude Firearms

Logo for High Altitude Firearms

Micheal Cole is one of those firearms dealers that just wants to help you choose what you need. He is able to perform transfers as well. Not only that but Mike is one of the best firearms instructors I know. High Altitude is located in Fountain, Colorado. Give him a  call, see what he can do for you.  

Long's Shadow Holsters

Log for Long's Shadow Holster

Josh and his crew at Long's Shadow Holsters have made it their mission to provide top quality holsters at an affordable price. I personally use both the Antero and the Quandry holsters and recommend them without hesitation. No matter your need they can get you what you are looking for. Use the Promo code "Threefold" to get 7 % off. 


TacStrike logo

TacStrike makes awesome steel targets at a reasonable price. They also sell all kinds of paper targets, stands, and a pretty cool line of  shirts/stickers. Check them out. 

Rally For Our Rights


 Rally For Our Rights was founded in April 2018 and has quickly grown into one of the most active gun rights groups in the US. They are a non-partisan non-profit organization that truly breaks the stereo type of who and what gun owners are. Using personal conversations and community event they are working to change minds and curtail those that wish to curtail gun rights.  

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National Rifle Association

Words Join the Fight, Join NRA over the constitution, Bald Eagle soaring

 The NRA has been fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights for a long time, but that is not the only thing you get from a membership with them. You can choose from some well written, award winning magazines to receive. Then there is the firearms insurance. Not many people know that as an NRA member you are eligible for $2500 firearms insurance at no extra cost with no intrusive questions. Just simply be a member, and activate the coverage from the NRA Member site. Easy!

 As a NRA recruiter I can offer some pretty good discounts on a membership. Call  or email me at for more information, or click the button below to sign up. We can stand  together, or fall separately. 

For the Fight after the fight!

Logo for US LawShield, Scales of Justice on a Red and Gold Shield, blue banner across

The Nation's leading legal defense for Self Defense Program!

At any given moment, situations of self-defense and emergencies can happen to anyone and unfortunately, the justice system may not be on your side. While you protect your family and property, U.S. LawShield is here to defend you 24/7/365 with the most comprehensive self-defense coverage at an affordable price. Don’t wait.


If you found us through the site  , we would like to thank them here. If you didn't, then check them out.  They are a great resource for finding activities and instructors for  all things outdoorsy! Thanks to Andy for the add!