FASTER Essentials Classes

FASTER Essentials Classes

The FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) Essentials Classes provided by Threefold Defensive Training represent a pioneering approach to ensuring the safety and security of educational environments. In a world where the safety of students and faculty is paramount, these classes stand as a testament to the proactive measures educators can take to protect their schools and students. This comprehensive program is designed to equip faculty, administrators, and staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively to emergency situations, including active shooter incidents.

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Empowering Educators with Essential Skills

At the heart of the FASTER Essentials Classes is a commitment to empowering educators. By providing them with the training and tools needed to ensure the safety of their schools, Threefold Defensive Training aims to create environments where learning can thrive, free from the fear of external threats. This program is an essential step for educational institutions that prioritize the well-being and security of their communities.

Course Overview

The FASTER Essentials Classes cover a broad range of topics critical to school safety, including but not limited to:

  • Active Shooter Response Training: Educators are trained to recognize and respond to active shooter situations effectively. This includes understanding the dynamics of such incidents and learning how to mitigate harm until law enforcement arrives.
  • Tactical First Aid and Trauma Care: Participants receive hands-on training in critical first aid and trauma care, focusing on immediate actions that can save lives in the critical moments following an incident.
  • Situational Awareness: The course emphasizes the importance of situational awareness, teaching educators how to identify potential threats and respond appropriately before situations escalate.
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness: Educators are guided through the process of developing and implementing comprehensive emergency response plans tailored to their specific school environments.
  • Conflict Resolution: Understanding how to de-escalate potentially violent situations is crucial. The program includes strategies for conflict resolution that can prevent violence before it occurs.

Joining the FASTER Essentials Program

Enrolling in the FASTER Essentials Classes is a straightforward process designed to accommodate the schedules of busy educators:

Initial Consultation

Interested schools or educators contact Threefold Defensive Training for an initial consultation to discuss their needs and how the FASTER Essentials Classes can meet them.


Participants register for the program, with options for individual or group sessions tailored to the needs of specific schools or districts.


Attendees participate in comprehensive training sessions that combine classroom instruction with practical, scenario-based exercises.


Upon completing the program, participants receive certification, recognizing their preparedness to contribute to school safety actively.

Expert Instructors

Our team comprises professionals with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and crisis management, ensuring that participants receive training grounded in real-world experience.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The program is designed to address the unique challenges faced by schools, providing a holistic approach to safety and emergency response.

Practical, Hands-On Training

We believe in the power of experiential learning. Participants engage in realistic scenarios and drills that prepare them for actual emergencies.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Graduates of the FASTER Essentials Classes have access to a wealth of resources and ongoing support from Threefold Defensive Training, ensuring that they remain equipped to protect their schools.

Why 3fdt

Why Choose Threefold Defensive Training for FASTER Essentials?

Threefold Defensive Training brings over 15 years of experience in personal safety, emergency response, and defensive tactics to the forefront of educational safety training. Our FASTER Essentials Classes are distinguished by several key factors:

Ready to Enhance Your School’s Safety?

If you’re an educator, administrator, or school staff member committed to ensuring the safety and security of your students and colleagues, the FASTER Essentials Classes offered by Threefold Defensive Training are an indispensable resource. Contact us today to learn more about the program and take the first step toward creating a safer educational environment for everyone. Together, we can empower our educators to protect and save lives, making our schools the safe havens for learning they are meant to be.
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