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Threefold Defensive Training

I feel more confident with, and less fearful of, my firearm." 

- Mett A.


"Great Class! The instructor really  knew what he was talking about. He put a lot of the information into everyday use for my job, and my life. I will bring my girlfriend to learn from this instructor." 

- Joseph M.

"I just wanted to let you you know  about the awesome time I had training with Robert and the great training  I received. He's put together a very professional , safe, and  informational class. I would recommend his class to anybody who wants to learn more about firearms safety from beginning to more advanced classes." 

- Wally S.

"I took the BEYOND THE BASICS: PISTOL class with Robert. He is a  personalized, top-notch instructor, very informative and professional.  Thank you, Robert. It was awesome!!! Let's do it again!!!

- Ulises A. 

"Robert taught the WI  [CCW ] class for us, and although it was a curriculum he was not familiar with, he was  informative and made sure we had all our bases covered. And he even  threw in helpful tips on safety. He also took time to teach our 7 yr. old daughter what to do if she sees a firearm."

- Jennifer K

 "I am a fellow NRA licensed Instructor  and have taught with Robert and Threefold Defensive Training in the  past as an assistant instructor. Robert is willing to go above and beyond for his students. You will get personalized, top-notch  instruction, and you will not feel as though you are training with  someone who thinks they are above you; he treats everyone with respect  and courtesy. From the beginner to the more advanced classes, each are  taught so that everyone can understand, demonstrate, and then put what they've learned into practice. No one is left out. He is using some of  the best training equipment in the industry, and he will ensure that you feel safer and more versed in the proper use and application of your skills when you leave the classroom and step onto the range or the street.

- Michael C. 

"I took my concealed carry certificate training with Robert Neil and it was excellent! I expected the training to be standard and cookie cutter style. But I was pleased that my specific weaknesses were addressed in a positive way so I feel  that I can improve my skills. I am encouraged to have exercises that can  be done at home without having to go to the shooting range often. I now  believe that I can become safe and confident with my concealed carry  weapon. The classroom portion of the course was thorough as well as  applicable and easy to follow. Robert took the time to address all questions which was appreciated. I have had a concealed carry course in the past which I now see was a waste of time. I recommend Robert Neil's courses! He's very professional and it will be well worth your time!" 

- Amber O.


"Great, fun and very practical training. I highly recommend it." 

- Eric D.

"Thank you so much for the  excellent and comprehensive course. I learned a lot. Robert is very  knowledgeable and professional. The shooting practice is also great. I left feeling more confident and prepared. I definitely recommend it." 

- Giuliana D.

"Thank you Robert! The time spent  in your class was extremely valuable. Also, the time at the range brought it all together. I'd take your class again in a heartbeat. I plan on recommending you to others in the future."

​- Jeremiah W.

"Had my first class and loved it!! I  feel a bit spoiled actually with the one on one experience, but it limited distraction and increased my confidence. I can't wait to take  the next class!"

- Abo S.

"Awesome guy. I highly recommend his services." 

- Pedro T.

"Took a intro to pistol training  with Robert at 3FDT. He let me pick my own schedule and I got my own individual sessions with both book learning and live shooting training. 8 hours total. The convenience of not attending a class with 20 other people really sold me. I had zero experience and don't respond well to the pace of a group class with a tight schedule. I didn't want to miss something important if the class moves too fast for me. His class is a lot more informal and tailored to what you need, and the cost is half of any of the gun clubs in town. Win Win. The classes are held in his home so if you're looking for a more clinical setting, it might be worth it to you to pay the additional $100 or so for a group class. He also  offers additional one-on-one shooting practice, which I will definitely being taking advantage of at a later point." 

​- Rebecca W.

"I recommend Threefold Defensive  Training as my first choice in CWP training. Robert is very knowledgeable and effective in training for firearms and firearms safety. My training went really well and the instructor was well  prepared. I appreciate that. I will definitely refer my family and friends to Threefold Defensive Training when it comes to firearms training and safety. He went the extra mile and gave me the information I need to be properly prepared to put in the application for my CWP."

- Will M.

"Robert is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable. My family took our CWP training with him. His thorough instruction is invaluable, and we totally enjoyed our time and the knowledge we gained. I would strongly  recommend 3FDT for all weapons training."

- Patrick M.

"Finished a CCW class with Robert  over at Threefold Defensive Training. I've been carrying a firearm legally for 20 years. I've taken multiple classes and training over the years. I must say... this is the class that I've gotten the most comprehensive, and practical information, and training. I see multiple  areas in myself, where I can improve, and learned new tactics and  techniques. I enjoyed the time in the live fire class, and look forward to more training with Threefold Defensive. Thank You!" 

- Damien G. 


"Robert is an awesome instructor of  firearms and firearms safety!! I highly recommend him for training.  Both me and my son have taken classes with him. My son absolutely loved the youth firearms safety class."

- Dee L.

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